People in the park:486 | Real-time enrollment:502| Comfort index:Comfortable |The biggest:76500 |In an instant:8900
Negative oxygen ion:26683个/cm3 丨 PM2.5:5μg/m3 丨 Air quality:optimal 丨 noise:A 丨 The surface water:Ⅱ
Phoenix Island National Wetland Park is located in the jiang-Guangzhou integration zone, the new urban center of Yangzhou, at the southern end of Shaobo Lake and the junction of beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and ancient Canal, about 12km away from the urban area of Yangzhou, with natural and plain ecological landscape, water, islands, forests, birds and other natural elements, is an ideal place for sightseeing and green ecological tourism. After years of development, the park for the national agricultural tourism demonstration site, national water conservancy scenic spot, the national demonstration base of recreational fishery, young children safe operation experience education base in China, Yangtze river delta "top ten" rural tourism attractions, jiangsu provincial forest park, small reporter clearing up practice base in jiangsu province, and yangzhou with Belgium britt, friendship and cooperation of external Windows.